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Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day

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If drinking coffee isn’t part of your daily routine perhaps you should consider it may offer positive health benefits and support the global economy.

According to Medical News Today, there are potential health benefits of drinking coffee including: protection against diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, as well as promoting cardiovascular health.

Researchers at University of California Los Angeles have conducted research showing coffee increasing plasma levels of a protein sex hormone – binding globulin (SHGB) that plays a key role in the development of type 2 diabetes.  Harvard School of Public Health  also conducted research showing that increasing coffee consumption may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.  The Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in California has conducted other research showing that coffee consumption in alcohol drinkers reduces cirrhosis of the liver by 22%.

Although eating healthy and exercising remain the most effective ways to avoid health complications, research at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard School of Public Health show that drinking in moderation, or about two cups a day, lowers the risk of heart failure.

Not only does drinking a cup a day offer preventative measures in your health, buying coffee helps the U.S. economy.  According to the National Coffee Association, the total economic impact in 2015 in the United States was $225.2 billon with $28 billion in taxes.  The coffee industry has also created over 1.6 million jobs just within the U.S.  Starbucks, one of the most popular coffee companies, has Your Special Blend benefit packages for their “partners” which includes health insurance, adoption assistance and 401ks.  They also have their Starbucks Achievement Plan which is an opportunity for employees to earn a degree online through Arizona State University.

Coffee Imports to the US in 2016 (in million dollars), The Statistics Portal

The U.S. imports the majority of coffee from countries including: Brazil, Columbia, and Vietnam.  After the import of coffee from these countries, they are usually roasted in local coffee shops.  Local coffee shops such as Coffee Ethic and Brick and Mortar, roast their own beans in their shops.  After their beans are roasted, they distribute the beans to other shops around town.  For example, you can find Brick and Mortar coffee at Mama Jeans.

The support of local coffee shops creates a “butterfly effect,”  which has implications on national and global markets.

So next time you are looking for a quiet place to study, a romantic date, or just a place to get your caffeine fix, head to your local coffee shop and don’t forget to bring a bag of beans home to brew!


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