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How To Have A “Date Night In”

Calling all busy couples!  It is hard to find time for a date night when you are keeping up with your busy schedule, not to mention your wallet isn’t always ready for an expensive night out on the town.

The Scoop met up with Drury University student, Kelsey Condon.  Kelsey has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 2 years.  She is a busy college student who works a full-time job and her boyfriend is in collegiate sports.  Their busy schedules can be quite hectic and spending money on a night out, doesn’t always sit well with their bank account either.

Kelsey likes to have what she calls a “Date Night In”.  These special dates allow the couple to have a nice romantic evening, without the time and money commitment.  Kelsey was nice enough to show us how she prepares for this special kind of night.


Leave A Sweet Note

“This will make them smile the entire day and get them excited for the night ahead!”

All Photos By Nicole Dawson


Fix Up Your Partner’s Favorite Meal

“Austin Loves Steak with some veggies on the side so that is what I always make. Fixing a meal shows someone that you really care!”






Grab A Bottle of Champagne

“It is time to celebrate! A bottle of bubbly always makes the evening more special!”

Set The Table

“I always like to do this because it makes everything seem more formal as if we are in a restaurant”

Light Candles

“This sets the mood and makes everything seem more special! Feel free to throw on some music during dinner too!”

Pick Out A Movie To Enjoy Together

“Always let them pick the movie! This helps end the night and makes it feel like you went to dinner and a movie together!”