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The Top Five Scorers in Drury Men`s Basketball History

Dan Cashel. Photo courtesy of Dan Cashel.

The Scoop recently sat down with former Sports Information Director and current Campus Recreational (Barber Fitness Center) Director, Dan Cashel.  Cashel began his career with Drury University in 1974 and has been a part of the Panther family for over 40 years. With a long history in men’s basketball, we asked Cashel to share his opinion on the top 5 scores from Drury over the years.

#5 Nate Quinn (’76-’80) 1935 points

“Nate in my mind is probably the most outstanding all purpose guard we have ever had”.  Hailing from Boley, Oklahoma and a member of the 1978-79 NAIA Championship team Nate could have been considered the “Poster Child” of a student athlete at Drury University. “He fell just short of 2,000 points but was sharing a scoring load with two other players whose names are also in the top 6 scoring list: James Bone, Jerry Alexander. Nate graduated as an Academic All American as well as an All American on the court.”

#4 Matt Miller (’98-’02) 2024 points

“Matt and the next guy on the list , Alex Hall are two of the premiere 3pt shooters in the history of Drury basketball. One day I came into the Weiser Gym and they had the shooting cage up and Matt was shooting with the ball popping back out at him. He was shooting 100 3pt shots and he made something like 82 or 83 3pt shots out of 100. I joked with him toward the end of his 100 shots saying that not to bad 83 out of 100 3pt shots. He was a little frustrated because he said he usually shoots 90 out of 100 when he did that drill.” Matt is from Springfield, Missouri and is considered one of the best shooters in Drury program history as well as an All American on the court.

#3 Alex Hall (’09-13) 2200 points

” Then low and behold Alex Hall arrives on campus and he would pass Matt’s records on the 3pt line.”His shooting is what helped propel the Panthers to overcome deficits throughout the 2012-13 season as well as in the championship game, standing at just 6`1 . “Alex Hall passed Matt on being the all time greatest 3pt shooters in Drury history.” Alex is another from Springfield, Missouri and was a All American as well on the court.

#2 Jerry Alexander (’75-’79) 2280 points

Jerry Alexander, unfortunately he passed away at a very early age, but he to me might be the best athlete that I have ever seen in a Drury basketball uniform. He could run like few others, he could play baseball. I really think he being left handed and about 6`5  he could throw bebes and he could be another Randy Johnson if he played professional baseball. He came to Drury and played basketball and he could do it all.” During his time however there was no 3pt line so everything was just 2pts. He always would guard the opposing teams best player, but Jerry was just a great athlete.” Jerry came from Boley , Oklahoma and was also an All American his final 2 years at Drury.

#1 Lonnie Holmes (’91-’95) 2341 points

“There is probably no player that i could think of who had a bigger heart or anyone who was more competitive then Lonnie Holmes. He wasn’t the athlete like Alexander but he got the job done like few others. There was not a rebound, loose ball, or put back he didn’t get. He shot more free throws then probably anybody but he would get the rebound and put it in or get fouled trying to. He had moves he could get around or by someone while being a 6’4  back to the basket player for Drury.” Lonnie is from Little Rock, Arkansas and was an All American as well. “You talk about guys like Jordan, Westbrook, and Kobe with their competitiveness well I would put Lonnie right there with them.”


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